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  • Kick back while your dinner bakes. Arroz Con Pollo gets citrusy thanks to Cara Cara Navel oranges and Meyer lemons. Tap the link in bio and make this dish your own. #Sunkistcitrus #recipe
  • Start your morning on a sweet note. Add Cara Cara Navel #oranges to your yogurt and granola parfait with this #recipe idea from @healthfullyeverafter. #Sunkistcitrus
  • For a fun and flavorful springtime #cocktail, try shaking up #citrus margaritas. Cheers! #Sunkistcitrus
  • Make a #grapefruit marmalade to dress up your morning toast. Thanks @healthfullyeverafter for the #breakfast inspiration. #Sunkistcitrus
  • Meet our farming families and hear how they are doing their part to ensure a sustainable future right in their groves. #Sunkiststories
  • Add some sparkling citrus to spring with a sweet-as-candy Gold Nugget mandarin. #Sunkistcitrus
  • Celebrate the arrival of spring with our richly flavored Tangelo Maple Lemonade. Link in bio. #Sunkistcitrus
  • Discover the Gold Nugget mandarin’s sweet and sparkling orange interior and see why we named them Nature’s Treasure. #Sunkistcitrus
  • See what makes each variety of in-season citrus special. Try them all for a sweet taste of spring. #Sunkistcitrus

Great Informative Video

Our Story

Wilma Baskin

Pepin Lemalin Inc. brings you informative and comprehensive articles on how you can get the best online shopping experience, especially if you need to buy health and fitness products. We understand the importance go having good health, and the equal importance of using high quality health products, make sure to read more of our content and live a happier and healthy life.

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