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Health Benefits of Music Therapy

Music has been an important part of life. From television advertisement to audio learning activities, reports show that it is somewhat impossible to be away from music, especially those with artistic talents. Perhaps, you have been listening to the z100 recently played songs and are wondering why the songs can boost your positive mood. Scientific studies conclude that music therapy is an effective form of health therapy, aiming to boost both mental and physical health. It explains why some people feel an intimate connection with music as part of their defense mechanism in coping with the current tensions.

This article discusses the health benefits of listening to your favorite songs. If you have been dealing with stress, anxiety, or other physical issues, health experts would likely to suggest listening to calming and soothing musical instruments. When it comes to how music can be a positive trigger for your body, below are the explanations.

Mood Booster

Humans constantly need a positive mood to cope with current stress. Instead of doing other time-consuming activities, listening to their favorite songs can be an effective and time-efficient option. Studies show that music, especially classical music, can boost one’s positive mood and improve their brain functions. There is a part of the brain that controls emotions, and this part is significantly affected by external stimulation. Listening to music leads to better emotion control, resulting in a positive mood and behavior. One plus point of this activity is that you still can do whatever you need to do while listening to your favorite tune. It is indeed a great way to increase your productivity at work.

Physical Endurance

Have you noticed that fitness enthusiasts like to listen to songs whenever they run on a treadmill or lift the barbells? It is not a coincidence that they all have the same hobby while exercising. Research shows music can enhance physical endurance as the listeners tend to focus more on the tune rather than on the activities they are doing. As a result, their brain will trick their body into working harder without them even knowing it.

Pain Relief

Similar to what the above paragraph highlights, music therapy can be a great pain relief as it distracts the attention to something more soothing. Another research shows that patients who listen to certain types of music will feel less pain before and after surgery. For that reason, health experts are now using this method to treat patients with severe pain.

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