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What you Should Know About TB

As the world is progressing in the right direction, the negatives are not staying far behind, too. For example, the advancement in technology is also resulting in more piracy and cyber attacks. Similarly, as the improvement in communication sees a rise in grey trafficking. Irrespective of whatever we see, there would be a flip side attached to it. And the same can be said about health and diseases.

The History of TB

Over the centuries, many diseases have come to the fold. Some of them have disappeared with time and treatment while others still exist. Even though new is adding to the numbers but the existing does not seem to be going away. One of the most common and existing diseases in the world is called tuberculosis (TB). TB is named after the bacteria known as mycobacterium tuberculosis that attacks the human body. The attack that is aimed at the lungs can damage after parts of the internal body as well. Considered to be lethal up until last century, TB is no longer life-threatening. Several medicines and treatments have been introduced to cater this menace and today; it is not as harmful as it used to be.

How it is Detected

TB is far easy to detect in today’s world as compared to the last century. Technology has made vital inroads in the world of medical science and therefore, diagnosing a problem is not an issue anymore. The skin tests, x-rays, blood tests and ultrasounds can help in the process. Even more potential harmful diseases such as cancer and
AIDS are easily spotted and hence, taken care of. As far as TB is concerned, the symptoms are very obvious, and therefore, doctors do not have any issues in noticing the defect in the lungs. The symptoms include coughing, coughing up blood, weight loss, weakness, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

Treatment of TB

The treatment of TB varies from the extent. Whether the issue has just initiated or the patient is a long-term affectee, the disease is treatable. The first and the most important course of action taken by doctors is the use of antibiotics. Latent or active TB infection, both are easily treatable with medicines. The procedure would go on for at least six months considering the speed at which the bacteria is growing within the body. The latent infection is treated by one medicine while the active one shall be treated with several medicines. The latter needs to be taken very seriously, and the treatment needs to be followed progressively.

Conclusion of TB

Lastly, TB was one of the most dangerous diseases that took the life of many. Medical science was not potent enough to find its solution, and it was until the late last century that the cure was found. Today, the world is a safer and better place for TB patients.
They no longer have to worry about symptoms or the consequences because any hospital or clinic around the world can treat a patient. Even the underdeveloped countries have all the possible solutions for this problem.

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